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What we can offer:

An opportunity to share latest research and keep current with happenings in the counselling profession through the NZACs publications. NZAC offers two publications: The Newsletter which provides articles and opinions from across a broad range of counselling experiences and the Journal which provides academic material to promote the theory and practice of counselling, provides pertinent research and stimulates the development of counselling services in New Zealand.

An opportunity to learn about and develop best practice. It allows you to share your professional experiences with counsellors with a wide range of experiences, framework and skills.

The opportunity to obtain NZAC subsidies for travel to overseas conferences, meetings, symposia, workshops, or the like.

The opportunity to receive advocacy services across a wide range of professional issues. NZAC is taking a far greater part in helping to provide better conditions of employment for counsellors and provides information that helps to maintain a good counsellor/employer relationship.

Ethical guidelines which help you run an effective and safe practice. While ethics guide your practice, they also act as a protection for you and your clients.

The opportunity for certification. Certification identifies to the public and your peers those counsellors who have met specific training and professional standards.
The opportunity to participate in conferences which provide you with new ideas and techniques to help you meet the needs of your clients. The conference allows you to share the ideas and thoughts, renew acquaintances and make new friends both on a national and international level.

The opportunity to share your expertise, attend workshops, receive training, socialise and collaborate with other counselling professionals at a local level as an NZAC branch member.

The opportunity to be a member of a Professional Association with a robust Membership Process, Code of Ethics and Complaints Process as required to comform with statutory agencies e.g. ACC, Family Court, CYFS and WINZ.

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