NZAC has developed ten competence areas for NZAC Counsellors:

Areas of Competence of Members - Awareness, Knowledge, Skills and Application

1.  Conceptual foundation e.g. theories of human development, cultural concepts, personality, mental un-wellness, psychological distress, process of change, therapeutic models

2.  Puawananga Kaitiakitanga; formerly cultural supervision

3.  Self-awareness and self-examination

4.  Relationship – building and maintaining a therapeutic alliance

5.  Assessment and report writing – Assessment, risk assessment, report writing, referral process and professional written communication

6.  Collaborative goal setting/negotiating contracts and evaluation of client processes and outcomes

7.  Facilitation of change – interventions and change process

8.  Ethical principles and practice

9.  Areas of specialist knowledge, experience and practice which may include other cultures

10. Other forms of Professional Practice e.g. supervision, group facilitation, education, training, teaching, management, research, service development, course design.

Self Regulation

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