Formal notice from the Ethics Committee

The National Executive has formally received from the Ethics Committee the following statement regarding cases 383 and 387.

NZAC received two complaints of professional misconduct against Mr Stefan Thevessen of the Hawkes Bay, arising from sexual relations with former clients.

The complaints were addressed in accordance with the NZAC complaints process.

In response to the complaints Mr Thevessen acknowledged to NZAC he had failed to adhere to professional boundaries, he had breached ethical standards and he had failed in his professional behaviour.

Before the Initial Assessment Group had the opportunity to determine whether or not to refer the matter to a hearing, Mr Thevessen resigned his NZAC membership.

In those circumstances (where it is unclear whether or not NZAC can discipline former members) NZAC has decided not to pursue a formal complaint against Mr Thevessen but has referred the matter to the Health and Disability Commissioner.