Formal notice from the Ethics Committee

The National Executive has formally received from the Ethics Committee the outcome of case 340, after a hearing conducted in Palmerston North. The Respondent, Shona Kreyl, admitted four charges in that she:
• Failed to monitor and maintain her fitness to practice
• Failed to protect her client, Mr. X, and herself from harm
• Failed to set and monitor boundaries between her counselling relationship with Mr. X and her social and sexual relationship with him
• Exploited the potential intimacy made possible in the counselling relationship and engaged in a sexual relationship with the client.

The Hearing Panel found that the respondent was guilty of professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a member of the Association.  Shona Kreyl was reprimanded in relation to charges 1 and 3.  The Panel recommended to the National Executive that her NZAC membership be terminated in relation to charges 2 and 4. However, in the meantime, Ms Kreyl has resigned from the Association.

Sue Webb,
Ethics Convenor