How To Log in:

This video is about how to log-in to the NZAC website:

  • how to log-in
  • navigating the menu 
  • members-only section

How to update your profile:

Watch this screencast from President, Christine Macfarlane, about how to update your online profile.

How to update your profile:  This will ensure you are able to be found under 'Search for a Counsellor'. 

Annual Practising Certificate Process 2020

How to complete your APC online, follow Christine's process as she completes her Request for APC.

APC Supervisor approval process

This screencast video goes through the Supervisor approval process for APC for supervises.  Thank you to Catherine for giving me permission to use her APC in this video. 

CPD Webinar with Niccy Fraser, CPD Audit Team Convenor and Chris Macfarlane, President 14/05/2020

Online CPD Process 2020

In this video, Christine takes you through the first steps in completing your online CPD process.

The first step is to copy your written 2019-2020 CPD plan onto the online system so your Supervisor can 're-approve' the plan.

How to submit CPD Reflection

This Screencast video shows you how to submit your CPD Reflections after your CPD Plan was accepted by your supervisor.


How to create your CPD online step-by-step

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More Continuing Professional Development Information

This link will take you to the members-only page where there is more CPD information

NZAC Privacy Policy 2020

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