Membership Fees

The following are the fees for the financial year 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023

Annual Subscriptions Including GST

Member: $477.25

Provisional Member: $301.88

A 30% discount for low-income may apply please contact   

Other Annual Fees:

Non-practising: $97.75

If you are not in active practice please see the policy link below.

Retired Members: $46.00

Subscriber: $97.75

Student Affiliate: $46.00


Provisional Membership Applications:

NZAC Accredited Counselling Education Programme:  $57.50

Other NZ Education Programme:  $103.50

Overseas Qualification:  $299.00

Particular Circumstances:  $862.50 

Upgrade from Provisional to Member: $126.50

Invitation to meet the Panel:

If a Provisional Member's application to upgrade to Full Member status is successful, they are invited to meet the Panel.

The fee is $345.00

Reinstatement Request

If a member has had time away from NZAC (under 5 years) they may apply to be reinstated. If the time away has been over 5 years the former member must apply for provisional membership and the fee for this application to be assessed is $80.50 (see above). Both will require Police Vetting checks.

Membership Fee Payment Plan Policy and Payment Plan 2022

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