The Puawānanga process supports NZAC and  members in our commitment to honouring the first object of our NZAC constitution; Te Tiriti o Waitangi and achievement towards cultural understanding and competence. Given this learning process is lifelong, as a practitioner in Aotearoa, you are encouraged to regularly choose this area to focus on for your  continuing professional development.


Puawānanga "Clear away the obstacles so that the pathway forward may be seen. Turn your face to the world of light, for there the unborn generations are waiting for you” Puawānanga - it is a white Clematis plant known to Māori as a child of two stars of heaven. Rehua – the father star, whose appearance is a sign of summer coming. Puanga – the mother star, whose twinkling foretold the kind of season we are about to have. Twinkles to the North indicates a prosperous year; an abundance of food. Twinkles to the south, a leaner year. When Puawānanga star shaped flowers appeared, Tohunga would start their school of learning. People would also take this as a sign to become active again, a time for feeding and preparing the grounds ready for spring. In this context it is about bringing to fruition/ to blossom and growing our learning, our own understanding of identity and relationship to Tangata Whenua in Aotearoa, as NZAC members and applicant members. "Tahia te ara kia kite ai te huarahi Ahu atu te mata ki te ao marama Kei kona nga uri whakatipu Kahore ano i whanau mai E tatari mai ana ki a koe”

We acknowledge Vivienne Body for the koha of this kōrero, the Puawānanga name, and both Vivienne Body and Teina Piripi for the koha of Tihei-Wa Mauri Ora.


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