Media Initiated Stories

01/08/22, Gay Puketapu-Andrews on Waatea News, Counselling in the Health Sector

24/07/22, NewsHub, Generation Covid

18/08/2021, NZ Herald, Opinion raise the ratio of school counsellors.

10/08/21, Stuff, Dealing with young peoples grief a complicated situation. 

20/06/2021, Stuff,Viral tiktok video exposes failures at free 1737 mental health helpline.

20/06/2021, NZ Herald, Mental distress biggest workplace issue.

10/06/2021, NZ Herald, Mental Health: Children desperate for counselling, schools pick up the tab. 

23/04/21, Stuff, Demand for youth mental health services at crisis point.

25/03/2021, NZ Herald, Covid-19 coronavirus one year on.

10/10/20, Stuff, Waiting lists 'through the roof' for Canterbury teens needing mental health help. 

20/8/2020, The AM Show, TV3 - Counsellors call for more funding as demand spikes during COVID-19 pandemic.

16/08/2020, Stuff - The myth and Curse of Female Perfection

31/07/2020,TV One News - Funding announcement for counselling for primary and intermediate schools.

TVNZ One News - NZAC/MoE Research and counselling in schools

Consumer Magazine –

30/03/2020, Stuff, Lack or routine can lead to aggression

22/02/2020: Young people's internet use concerning

7/03/2020: NZ Herald – Smartphone Addiction

28/02/2020 - NZ Herald – Changes and shortages with anti-depressant fluoxetine

22/02/2020: Timaru Herald – youth access to self-harm material online

18/02/2020: Whakatane Beacon – increase in mental health call outs for St John Ambulance in the Eastern Bay area  

28/01/2020: NZ Herald – young people and social media -

27/01/2020: NZ Herald social media and young people -

15/12/2019: NZ Herald – Christmas and consumerism

13/11/2019: Waikato Times and Stuff – need for qualified counsellors in high schools

6/11/2019: Radio NZ interview on self-harm -

6/11/2019: Otago Daily Times, Increased youth self-harming -

1/11/2019: Radio NZ – gumboot campaign and SGC caseloads

31/10/2019: Gumboot Fund not sustainable

29/10/2019: TV One interview Counsellor shortage -

21/09/2019: NZ City - More counsellors in schools

16/09/2019: Stuff, Timaru Herald -

20/08/2019: Listener Anxiety and young people -

28/03/2019:  News TV1 - Ignore society’s ‘unhelpful grieving rules’ in wake of Christchurch terrorist attack, counsellor says 

20/03/2019, NZ Herald, Christchurch mosque shooting culturally appropriate mental health support