New Zealand Journal of Counselling: Vol 25 No. 2


Editorial Vol 25 No. 2


1. Sexual Abuse Counsellors’ Responses to Stress and Trauma: A Social Work Perspective

Margaret Pack


2. Responsibility in Counselling Supervision in New Zealand: An Exploratory Study of Supervisor Perspectives

Kathie Crocket, Desmond Cooper, John Crockett, Jill Elder, Paul Flanagan, Peter Horide, Susan Mortlock, Glen Silvester, Wendy Talbot, Carol White


3. Training for Bicultural Intervention with Families

Jill Goldson and Tiaria Rauhihi Fletcher


4. Professionalisation for New Zealand Career Practice: Lessons to Learn, Challenges to Meet

Jill Goldson and Tiaria Rauhihi Fletcher


5. The Pastoral Needs of International Students in New Zealand Secondary Schools

Johannes F. (Hans) Everts