New Zealand Journal of Counselling: Vol 27 No. 1


Editorial Vol 27 No. 1


1. Counselling Māori: Marae Encounters as a Basis for Understanding and Building Relationships

Mason Durie


2. A Pōwhiri Poutama Approach to Therapy

Nick Drury


3.The Kaupapa Outcome Rating Scale

Nick Drury


4. Tikanga and Ethics: A Dialogical Encounter of Two Cultures

Steve K.W. Lang Consultant: Kahuwaero (Kahu) Katene


5. Online Text-based Counselling: Reflections of a Technophobe

Jeannie Wright


6. Shaping Supervision Practice Through Research: Effects of Supervision for Counselling Practice

Kathie Crocket, Stephen Gaddis, Caroline Day, Vivianne Flintoff, Marianne Lammers, Pam Malcolm, Debbie McLachlan, Helga Overdyck, Titihuia Rewita, Val Riches, Jan Rodwell, Ellie Schoffelmeer


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