New Zealand Journal of Counselling: Vol 29 No. 1


Editorial Vol 29 No. 1


1. Are you a Christian Counsellor: What Christian Counselling Could and Shouldn't be about

Philip Culbertson *Responses were made by John McAlpine and Ruth Penny


2. Gay-affirmative Therapy and Emerging Integrative Solutions: Working with Ego-dissonant Gay Male Clients Part Two

Andrew Kirby


3. Survey of Practitioners Providing Therapy for Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault in Aotearoa New Zealand

Ruth C. Mortimer, Gillian M. Craven, Cheryl C. Woolley, Judith Campbell, Shane T. Harvey, Joanne E. Taylor, and Jan Dickson


4. Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence: Reflections of Young Immigrants of Indian Origin

Meera Chetty and Margaret Agee


5. Activities Influencing the Professional Development of New Zealand Counsellors Across Their Careers

Nikolaos Kazantzis, Sarah J. Calvert, David E. Orlinsky, Sally Rooke, Kevin Ronan, and Paul Merrick