Social Media Campaign

This is an update about our national social media promotional campaign goes live 5/5/20. 

We have designed it specifically as a social services campaign aimed at easing people’s obvious anxiety and stress over the effects of the recent lockdown, but more importantly, the ongoing impacts and mental health pressures caused by Covid-19 in terms of possible job losses, financial stress and family violence. 

This is an opportunity for the counselling profession to offer support, and practical help, using online and telehealth practices, to those who are struggling because of Covid-19.

Our campaign starts with two weeks of display ads appearing on the Stuff and NZ Herald websites.  The ads pop up whenever someone reads an article that contains a number of keywords (e.g. isolation, family violence, lockdown, virus, homeschooling, etc.).

Alongside this is a three week Google search campaign designed to bring our website to the top of the search lists whenever someone does a Google search for one of the keywords we have selected.