Self-Regulation Vs HPCA Registration History

This is the history of the Self-Regulation decision voted on in September 2016.

The result of the vote was strongly in favour of Self-Regulation. 

  • 51% of our members took the time to have their voice heard.
  • 69.97% voted for self-regulation 
  • 30.02% voted for HPCA registration

Please find below:

  • Articles published in the NZAC Journal from Keith Tudor and Alastair Crocket.
  • Pros and Cons 
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Letters to, and response from the Ministry of Health in 2019 requesting the rationale of excluding NZAC registered Counsellors from the Primary Mental Health contracts rolled out to Medical Centres in regions throughout New Zealand.

Official Information Act - Response from the from Ministry of Health, 2019

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Official Information Act request to Deputy Director-General, Mental Health and Addiction, Ministry of Health

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Pros and Cons - Registration and Self-regulation 2016

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Registration Vs Self-regulation Stakeholder Feedback 2016

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Recognition, Regulation, Registration - Alastair Crocket Article 2014

Be careful for what you wish for - Keith Tudor Article published 2013

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