Supervision Committee - Key Tasks


All key tasks are to be read as consistent with responsibilities under Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Key Tasks

Performance Indicators

Expected Outcomes

Holding meetings as needed during the year.

Meetings Held

Agenda of Meeting actioned

Promote integration and knowledge of the Puawanaga process across all supervision.



Education and resources offered to support all supervisors’ inclusion of Puawanaga understanding and practice in supervision sessions.

All NZAC counsellors and supervisors familiar with and including Puawananga elements in their supervision sessions.



Promote effective professional

Supervision among NZAC members.

Material in the newsletter

Increase in awareness of professional supervision among NZAC members

Explore education opportunities in the area of supervision

Co-ordinate a comprehensive list of supervision education in NZ

Explored and advised NZAC members

To explore professional development opportunities around supervision


Support workshops/study groups at branch level. Facilitate supervision workshops at national Professional Development Days.

Opportunity for ongoing growth and development in supervision practice.

Establish a register of NZAC supervisors Including qualifications in supervision

Give NZAC members

access to professional supervisors.

NZAC members will have access to professional supervision.

To encourage accountability of Supervisors 


Assist and encourage supervisors access professional development opportunities. 


Evidence of ongoing professional development evident in supervisors CPD Plans and Reports

Respond to matters raised by National Executive, National Office staff, NZAC members, and other stake holders.

Policy developed and amended as required. Responses given to queries received.

Responses, proposed policies and requested information forwarded to National Executive, National Office staff, NZAC members, and other stake holders.

Annual Committee Report prepared for the AGM Annual Report

Report prepared

Report appears in AGM Annual Report


2012. Amended June 2016

Nominations were called for the Supervision Committee and the following people have been appointed by the National Executive (for ratification at the AGM):

  • Alexander Smith (Executive Liaison)
  • Gail Allan (Māori Rōpū)
  • Pacid Te Aoerere Briggs-Murdoch (Māori Rōpū)
  • Naarah Simpson
  • Fia Turner
  • Mike Williams
  • Te Ruru (Convenor)